OCDX news updates/blog

December 4: OCDX 2018 log-checking in progress [OCDX Press Release 2018-5]

October 12: OCDX compliance policy published [OCDX Press Release 2018-4].

October 11: C21GJ is QRV today on FT8 from Nauru.  He has been doing 6m EME and may go home before OCDX CW, unfortunately. E51WL is also QRV from North Cook Islands on FT8 - not sure if he’s a contester either. We have received OCDX Phone logs from more than 40 countries already including: 4X, 9M2, 9M6, 9V, BU, BY, CE, DL, DU, HS, E6, E7, EA, ES, F, FK, G, HA, I, JA, K, LY, LZ, OA, OE, OH, OK, OZ, PA, R, S5, SM, SP, SV, TF, UA0, UT, VK, VR2, VU, YB, YL, YO, Z3 and ZL.

October 10: the OCDX Phone contest went well at the weekend, despite challenging conditions.  The logs are rolling in already.  We’re Team VR2CC in OCDX Phone 2018looking forward to the CW contest this weekend coming.

October 5: Amman V85A is QRV on 40m SSB - not sure if he will be active during OCDX though. 

October 3: time to limber-up for OCDX 2018[OCDX Press Release 2018-3]

October 2: the new OCDX contest online log submission system is ready for action!  Bruce WA7BNM and the OCDX committee have been slaving away for weeks behind the scenes to specify, develop and test it.  The new system requires the details necessary to allocate entries to the correct contest section and lets entrants upload their Cabrillo logs for an initial validation pass.  [OCDX Press Release 2018-2]

September 23: announcing a new ZL plaque and a reminder about this year’s OCDX contest. [OCDX Press Release 2018-1]

August 6: the 2017 OCDX results are out!  Please accept the committee’s apology for the delayed publication this year. Various work crises conspired against us. Nine months is too long to wait.  Sorry.  We are working to ensure the results will be published much earlier after the 2018 OCDX contest, in particular simplifying and automating the receipt and processing of logs, and preparing the results. It would be good to reduce our dependence on individual committee members too but we are few!

August 5: the Quake Contesters from South Island New Zealand (ZL3GA, ZL3PAH, ZL3AB and ZL4TT) will be entering OCDX Phone and CW contests from Niue this year with the callsign E6Y.  The team arrives on the island at about 0000z on Saturday, leaving just a few short hours to get set for the phone leg.


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