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OCDX Press Release 2018-4

Abiding by the rules

Napier, October 12, 2018: Oceania DX contest compliance policy clarified.

While radio licensing laws and official regulations can be enforced by the authorities, contesting and amateur radio in general rely heavily on self-regulation by amateurs. 

The Oceania DX contest committee’s policy is that we require all OCDX participants to play fair i.e. to comply fully with their licence conditions as well as the contest rules and the broader ethical culture of amateur radio. It is a hobby, after all. 

We welcome friendly competition between entrants, while encouraging everyone to respect each other including non-participants sharing the bands, as per the DX Code of Conduct. We’re happy for entrants to push themselves and their stations to the limit within the rules of the game. However, bending or breaking the rules is unfair to others. Cheating is simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

To that end, we appeal to all participants and entrants in the Oceania DX contests to fulfil the fundamental objectives of the amateur service and remember what makes contesting such fun. Do the very best you can within the bounds of legal and ethical behaviour. Encourage fellow participants to compete on fair terms. If anyone feels the need to cheat to win, that’s not winning: it’s cheating.


About the contest: originally known as the VK/ZL Contest, the Oceania DX Contest (www.OceaniaDXcontest.com) has been running since the 1930s. This is a rare beast - a flourishing DX contest with steadily increasing activity from within Oceania and beyond.

The CW leg of the 2018 OCDX contest stakes place this weekend on October 13-14.

The OceaniaDXcontest logo was created by the OCDX contest committee and placed in the public domain - you are very welcome to reproduce it and help make the 2018 event a roaring success.

Oceania DX contest news contact:  Gary ZL2iFB  news@oceaniaDXcontest.com




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