Oceania DX Contest 2016 - report and scores

Congratulations to the winners in the 2016 Oceania DX Contest, and a big thank-you to all the participants.

The PHONE section was tough going with poor conditions on 10m and 20m, although strangely 15m was not quite so bad. The CW section enjoyed more favorable conditions - still hard though compared to sunspot maximum years. Nevertheless 26 new continent records and 144 new country records were set in 2016.

1,192 logs were received, a pleasing advance on 2015.  Participation from Oceania and Asia increased, especially Indonesia, the Philippines, East Malaysia and Hawaii. Activity from 9M6, A35, DU, KH0, KH2, V85, and VK9 was very welcome.

Click the links for the contest summary and analysis, plus detailed score breakdowns, comments and notes by mode:

2016 OCDX summary

2016 OCDX analysis

2016 detailed
PHONE scores

2016 PHONE station & antenna info and soapbox comments

2016 detailed
CW scores

2016 CW station & antenna info and soapbox comments

2016 PHONE certificates

2016 CW certificates

ZM4T The detailed scoring tables show your rank or position relative to your peers (other entrants in the same category). Three rankings are identified: (1) rank in the country, (2) rank in the continent, and (3) worldwide rank (excluding Oceania for the DX listings).

Here are a few of the soapbox comments received:

  • “It is hard to work with VK or ZL with low power and wire vertical on the balcony. Fortunately, there were a few stations with big antennas able to read even my weak signals!” DD5KG
  • “Beautiful and fascinating contest, but absence of propagation. Made a handful of QSOs. Making an appointment for the next edition of the contest and hope for good propagation and better score. Thanks to all those who had the patience to connect.” IZ8GUQ
  • “Conditions getting bad but I enjoyed the contest” JA1WWO
  • “Very fun contest. I want to spend much longer period next year. Thank you” JG1TUC
  • “Many thanks to all who were patient with me pulling calls. Every QSO is appreciated.” JK7DWD
  • “Propagation was the pits! I'm reluctant to submit a score like this but "it is what it is".” N0OK
  • “Unbelievable ears of Gary, ZL2IFB aka ZM4G. After my several calls he catched me on 40M ... magic! Nice opening in the morning on 20M to kangaroo mates.” OK1RP
  • “Band conditions were poor to Oceania from here. I had fun with 2 vintage Yaesu radios.” VE7BGP
  • “Conditions pretty dreadful with no openings at all on 10m. 20m also very poor. 40m was the best band. Went to bed after the first 4 hours for a few hours sleep - big mistake. When I got back, everybody was well ahead and then the bands went dead.” VK2BJ (OCDX phone)
  • “What a difference a week makes! Conditions were much better generally than the SSB contest the week before. However, 160m and 80m were unusable for a large part of the contest due to extreme static. 40m and 15m were the bands to be on for points and multipliers.” VK2BJ (OCDX CW)
  • “More interested in the pizza and a chat than playing radios but we did have a fun night all the same.” VK3ERKH0UA
  • “Despite setbacks it was a lot of fun and I look forward to a more successful entry next year!” VK3MI
  • “Someone built a Faraday Cage around Australia.... and the S8 QRN/M was unbelievable. Hoping for better conditions next year. Thanks for all the efforts that go in to make the event possible.” VK3NCC
  • “Coronal holes provided enhanced geomagnetic activity in the week prior and up to the OCDX phone and with sunspots falling to zero over the weekend (SFI 78.8) so conditions were not great at all.” VK4LAT
  • “Just back from UK on Saturday afternoon. Definitely suffering jet lag! Any errors are purely mine as I struggled to concentrate for a complete QSO HiHi!” VK7GN
  • “First DX contest, enjoyed it very much, even though I could only do a couple hours on the last night. Found the contest website instructions very easy to follow with great info. Many thanks.” ZL1DCO
  • “Horrendous QRN on the lower bands, and below average conditions as well made it quite challenging, but fun as always. Roll on next year!” ZL2AGY
  • “Condx not great, but everyone in the same boat!!!”  ZL4AD
  • “My second entry in Oceania DX. This time I'm allowed to operate on all bands. Did not operate the whole night as I had to go to school again on Monday” ZL4YL (15 years old)


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